Mess up – Own Up

Lucinda T. Rose

1476558_687247004632783_1297819023_nYesterday, I made a mistake that could have gotten me fired today.  I knew it within a few minutes of getting in.  Check and verified that I was suppose work yesterday and didn’t show up. In the end it was my fault and once I realized what happen, I felt terrible.

I sat there, wondering for a moment, if I should say anything. Then how I should say it. Fear and anxiety making me twist myself into…

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Book Review: I Will Hold My Death Close

10502254_592407747547506_7740250097570509581_nI Will Hold My Death Close by Stant Litore

Available for pre-order on Amazon for your Kindle

Circa 1120 BC – Israel -

The story is based loosely on the events of Judges 11 where Jephthah (Yeptha) promises to sacrifice the first thing he sees upon his return home for victory over his enemies.  The first thing, he sees his daughter and only child.

So one might expect that the story to be told from…

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Comfort found in the bottle

isn’t comfort all at

or so they say

and plead their case

though looks and

passing remarks

Comfort found

through lies

and sweaty deeds

isn’t comfort all at

so let me take the comfort

that is honest

after all, I can’t lie to a bottle.

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Upside Down and Turned About

Unfiltered Me

Life has a way of complicating and un-winding itself all at once, which way it goes is up to the user. Sometimes a day goes both ways at once.

This summer, I have been struggling to finish my first book, make enough money to pay my bills, complete multiple on-line classes and work on other writing projects. I had this idea that I could finish a second book before August.  I haven’t been doing…

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#BookReview: The Fault in Our Stars

bookcoverThe Fault in Our Stars by John Green 

Available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.

As a reader, I am rather picky when it comes to reading books that others recommend.  It took me about five years before I picked up any of the Harry Potter books and that was the result of being stranded in an airport pre-Kindle.  Mainly, because everyone I talked to about the series loved it like…

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Courtesy of
Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Everything gets


inside out

by words

and assumptions


right side

wrong side

striking like a knife


marks on hearts

give me

sticks and stones

spare me



their shallow


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The Writer’s Mind

A writer’s mind can’t be contained in a meme.

Successful writers share some traits with unsuccessful writers.

What makes one successful and the other not could be a matter of skill or it could just be luck.

Writing remains both a skill and an art form.

It is taming madness.

It bring chaos to a thousand thoughts, but most of all it is work.

A lot of work.

And it is time for this writer to get back…

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#BookReview: This Star Won’t Go Out!

screen shot 2014-06-07 at 11.08.12 pm

Esther Earl

This Star Won’t Go Out

By  Esther Earl, Lori Earl & Wayne Earl with John Green

Available on Amazon in both hardback and Kindle formats.

A while back, my friend, Kevin, gave me a formula to use for reviews.  It goes something like this one-third summary, one-third what others have thought of it and one-third positive or negative critique.  He told me not to be afraid to criticize the…

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A simple word or two and all the pieces fall in place

A simple word or two and everything is clear

for a moment, a whisper.

Everything seems possible

And it is

for a moment and a whisper

which doesn’t last forever

but in that moment

everything is clear

the horizon seems just a bit


And this so called

Real life

The spoken threat of

a thousand “adults”

Sets itself in

and a





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Where should my efforts go? A month into summer and I am still working on three different stories at once.  I write pieces everyday and try my best to map them out so I know where things are going. I fret about not having the discipline to finish a full length novel.

I worry that in an effort to pay my bills this summer, I won’t be able to finish any of the projects on my plate.

I worry that my…

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