Today is the two year anniversary of my first blog posted.


Two years.

When I began this blog on the advice of a friend, I didn’t know where it would lead me. I hope it would form the basis of a much larger writing career. This blog has been my laboratory. I have grown as a writer, not just someone planning to write one day.

Last year, the friend who encouraged me to start this blog moved…

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Notes from the Equinox

I didn’t make it to church, today. I needed time to clean, grade and write, but just because they are mundane things doesn’t mean they can’t have spiritual component.

The equinoxes are days of balance.  Times to get rid of what has been keeping balance from our lives. Lately, I have been on a teeter-totter: flying high up into the air and then slamming my tushie into ground.  My bruised butt and…

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My Own Syncopated Beat

My heart beats an uneven track

through life’s uppers and

its way way downers

balancing itself on a unicycle


life work life work

and a crazy little thing called love

It pounds out and demands


Boom Boom … bang boom bang

That’s the way it goes

It doesn’t march to

a different beat

or demand justice

just recognition and

a little peace…..

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This Monday will mark the first Labor Day and accompanying weekend that I have had off in four years. Working all the time has gotten me no closer to my goals and only served to distract me from working towards my best future.  All work and no play has made for a very unproductive writer.

Today, I cleaned most of my house; the bedroom and the bathroom remain.  The laundry is done and the dishes…

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July 016

The beach was broken.

There wasn’t much of a shore to explore

At least at first…

Further on the path

Around the bend

And through a mangrove forest

There was some sand for my toes.

And waves to rinse away

All the residue that has been clinging

To every step I take, weighing down

Thought, action and tainting feelings

I stood and laughed


Cleansed the unvoiced anger

letting me breathe

for a time

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First Day of School

If only teaching the ABC's were simple.

Today is the first day of school for my students.  The schedules are messed up, the bulletin boards are unfinished and no one not even the teachers knows that is about to happen. Hope your Monday goes well.

Mine is going to be interesting to say the least.

What was your most interesting first day?

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#BookReview: Nation by Terry Pratchett

nationNation by Sir Terry Pratchett 

Available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle formats

As some of you may have heard, Sir Terry Pratchett has had to cancel an appearance at a UK  convention due to the embuggerance  catching up to him.  In 2007, Sir Pratchett was  diagnosed with an early form of Alzheimer. He made the announcement to his fan community on December 11th of that year.  In 2008, the…

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Book Review: My Psychic Eye Addiction

lethaloutlook Lethal Outlook by Victoria Laurie

Available in paperback and Kindle Formats on Amazon.

I love brain candy, but before you begin to think that Lethal Outlookby Victoria Laurie is a piece of fluff, let me give you my definition of brain candy.   My kind of brain candy is rich like Godiva chocolate.  Intense and absolutely delicious, something that keeps me coming back. A book where I am going…

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The day I really met you #poetry #RIPRobinWilliams


So many times before you danced in and out of my life

making me laugh and dream

a wacky creature from beyond the stars

But the day I felt in love with you

the day knew I would forever love you

was the day

you gave meaning to dreams

and ripped pages out of books

and made a desk set fly

the day you told me

the meaning to poetry

was inside beyond the words

the day you gave a character life

doing a…

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There is one question that continually draws my ire.  Are you ready? No, I am not.

I am not ready for school to begin in a week. I am not ready for tomorrow or the next day. They are coming anyway.

Time slips past me and deadlines always loom.

So I am not ready for today or tomorrow, but they are coming anyway.

Good news, bad news. It is coming and I will deal with it when it comes.

That may be…

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